...thx 4 waiting. number.
{'status':'success','data':{'nb':35318,'hash':' 00000000000d353acf670f59b26e32eb6909a4ba9facd6cecc0e45d7786ea8757714ecd23b1','version':1,'confirmations':423953,'time_utc':'*2010-01-19T10:41:47Z','nb_txs':1,'merkleroot':' ','next_block_nb':35319,'prev_block_nb':35317,'next_block_hash':' ','prev_block_hash':' ','fee_usd':'0.07','vout_sum_usd':0.93,'add_blk_size':'14850','difficulty':1.3050621315915,'days_destroyed':0,'extras':null},'code':200,'message':'} Task 0.
Task 1.
QR decoder Task 2. SMART CONTRACT & QRCODE PRICE TAGS & gdk charge = .001 of title insurance Take screenshots and build unhackable invoices/money/copyrights. Powered by Bitcoin blockchain and private sidechain ;;; *** 1701585688 Fingerprint 1 Fingerprint 2 Fingerprint 3 Fingerprint 4 Fingerprint 5 Fingerprint 6 Block Height 7

input the 7 from clipboard history

Current block =
Last random block = {'status':'success','data':{'nb':228973,'hash':' 000000000005877a84acac975238db31af6acff4afdd26bb79a6327394ad34c0689312128be','version':1,'confirmations':423953,'time_utc':'*2010-12-03T06:41:28Z','nb_txs':1,'merkleroot':' ','next_block_nb':228974,'prev_block_nb':228972,'next_block_hash':' ','prev_block_hash':' ','fee_usd':'0.07','vout_sum_usd':0.93,'add_blk_size':'14850','difficulty':1.3050621315915,'days_destroyed':0,'extras':null},'code':200,'message':'}
{'status':'success','data':{'nb':228973,'hash':' 000000000005877a84acac975238db31af6acff4afdd26bb79a6327394ad34c0689312128be','version':1,'confirmations':423953,'time_utc':'2012-12-03T06:41:28Z','nb_txs':1,'merkleroot':' ','next_block_nb':228974,'prev_block_nb':228972,'next_block_hash':' ','prev_block_hash':' ','fee_usd':'0.07','vout_sum_usd':0.93,'add_blk_size':'14850','difficulty':1.3050621315915,'days_destroyed':0,'extras':null},'code':200,'message':'} ADDR BAL SBAL POUT
my fingerprint -1701585688
my info Add your filename.txt We added bit.txt

Smart Contracts dApp zero knowledge proofs are non-fungible or fungible self-created contractual unique numbers tokens IoT log CID identifiers, stored on the blockchain, which nobody controls. Build "Air-gapped++" offline blank contract forms using a server app., Unix time, sidechain and Bitcoin block height. No network dependent rules are used because rules and oracles are hackable. Tracking farm produce, auction virtual goods.

Amazon Dash Wand re-purposed barcodes converted to purchase orders.
10 confirmations screenshot

{'status':'success','data':{'nb':228973,'hash':' 000000000005877a84acac975238db31af6acff4afdd26bb79a6327394ad34c0689312128be','version':1,'confirmations':423953,'time_utc':'2012-12-03T06:41:28Z','nb_txs':1,'merkleroot':' ','next_block_nb':228974,'prev_block_nb':228972,'next_block_hash':' ','prev_block_hash':' ','fee_usd':'0.07','vout_sum_usd':0.93,'add_blk_size':'14850','difficulty':1.3050621315915,'days_destroyed':0,'extras':null},'code':200,'message':'} 228973-1701585688.txt admin. block


1701585688 Unix time
Unix convert to time

The way blockchain works is by fizz:buzz: messages. So a Buy message 4 during any minute of time is split by 6 10 times. Example, the seconds are at 35 so I missed 6 12 18 24 30 36 So a Buy message 4 is 6x6=36+4=40 Now I click the Ledger button at 40 seconds woops the 40 just passed, ok 9x6=54+4=58 Paste address then type 58 Click button at 56,57, 58 got it. Check and make sure address 58. Note; Don't use 58 twice use a different 6 second split. Seller does a Sell message 3. There are 4 extra messages 1256 if ever needed. If both the buyer and seller create messages for the agreements the transaction is final.
buzz z
4)vote sub-ledger
API Website Creator (pay gdk)

API tiny Website URL.... save as 1701585688.html
screenshot of current API tiny Website URL
result of capture; eye validation
See barcodes internal watermark

changes to API tiny websites also include what was changed/added
see tx Unspent Output Scripts hash160

[We wrote private sub-ledger {fizz:buzz}] [ You write :) ]

7)vote OR pre-check null address

copy paste bitcoin address at ffff

press & hold on ffff when highlighted paste address

then run in browser to see if {} null

[ We wrote public chain addr. {GDK:fizz:buzz} You write :)

Use this /18YSLAciJjQKqLnyskwaHpT5ZeWjo1GbtB/ to enter into (pay gdk) if blockchain down


Must! copy/scan distributed ledger URL above then replace address and run through web brower address box

encrypt decrypt

screenshot triple verify datestamp

Add to unofficial totals



delete submit nothing

An address quick


03-12-23 06:41:28
Most recent QRcode and text $premanently stored$

You wrote :) ] http://boughtupcom.scriptmania.com/cgi/CRcode/bitmapsgif/cqcode??????????.png 4)vote sub-ledger

You write :) here


We fully comply with electronic signatures ESIGN Public Law 229

URL to data backup stored & email to delete

1)vote/explore sub-ledger if written on here.

https://g-d-k.com/walletg/index.html Generate empty 0.0000 bitcoin wallet/addresses
Find empty 0.0000 bitcoin wallet/addresses
Add to unofficial totals
check address
check address

OCR use image below code.php rename .jpg

(pay gdk) side chain transact; change this api url

btc transact/tx

check api token 48 hrs.

(pay gdk) resolve side chain

(pay gdk) search side chain

(pay gdk) create salt chain add to side chain data


cash register

Record audio of hash or spell out our __UBI__ qrcode in spend history

Create Go

create super strong seven word passphrase passphrase

manual word input for screenshot evidence evidence
Quick screenshot auctions
address to hash
address first seen

Third party signs by changing dataset.
Make data images

Search You may enter a block height, address, block hash, transaction hash, hash160, or ipv4 address...

code39 Unix timestamp barcode


   ticket ticket ticket ticket






gdk presents starving artists








       gdk ticket blockchain



section   row     seat    price


gdk presents starving artists


section   row     seat    price



       gdk ticket blockchain




Get timestamp and network number for sub-ledger

Step 1. Select a protocol

Generate for sub-ledger Generate for bitcoin ledger

Step 2. Write a message

Step 3. Paste or type a private key

Review the Inputs

generated DSL will show up here

Watch it crank away till it stops.

generated Transaction will show up here

This timestamp and network number is used for sub-ledgers

a hex encoded version of the transaction will show up here


Don't Send

Get fee for the same inputs

Bitcoin SV explorer

Add to Bitcoin

WebSocket Test

Second copy if just created
Task manager
message to gps
BUY a stock based on this site
nationwide map notary public booking
games in 1

We fully comply with electronic signatures ESIGN Public Law 229 svg1;
electron orbit tracked 1^88
replace martha and or -1 to get results
count and number all words
knn nearest neighbor
signed bar graphs using knn
top part of screen creates image .jpg
send me your email and a reference email
Human Fight Plans
webauthn task
contract signature
login server
Tracking People System
Login System
II Instant Invoice II
live table task
live dropdown task
collapse table task
POS system and barcode
game task
check for items unsold task
bitcoin transact task
GameStory; computer talks
size and encryption from message
PostQ quantum resist chat
quantum resist Reg.& login with next ID
Bitcoin World Bank
BTC World Bank manager
Bank Manager with OTP
Crypto lotto & coinJoin
Keylogger and events ticket master
Proof of existence and btc faucet
elearning onlne school
multiple screenshots
sliding choices
bitcoin teachers aide
passphrase generator
Adjustable cookie
Dark matter cookie 2
Digital Dollar; print & spend
Bitcoin address to usd amount] [Bitcoin address to usd amount
Blockchain Invoice book
All the newest web apps
Print Page

Video embedded there