ok sql database ok

Hey there! I cannot find any game information, nor do I have your email address, so I'm gonna guess this is a new game, right?.

So what I need you to do before you can start sinkin' some ships is give me your email address and the email address of the person you wanna fight against. Once I have those, you can start doing some damage.

OR lets do private sms all in here...

So chuck 'em down in the text boxes supplied below. Try x 15 y 30 then click/touch first square at 0,0 on bottom board(s).

Your email

Your opponents email

x move by 15

y move by x+15

100 square miles

1296 ships everywhere

   1 megaton nukes whole    board. x,y is key

Confirmed report...

**15 15 30 30 you must nuke the whole board.
bmap makeboard2

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