rotate image protractor image

# required selections

# img2 rotate degs. : 

# img3 rotate degs. : 

# img2 transparency 100 is none:  98 settings - 99 final download

img3 posx : 

img3 posy : 

img2 posx :  arrow 15

img2 posy: 

text posx:  arrow 11

text posy:  arrow 8

text 0=horiz 1=vert: 

// // // // // // // // // // // //

# required 3 URLS to images online and text set no to all you dont use
# URL img1 # URL img2 # URL img3 # text img 2 MM RT RB LB img 3 RM MM RB MB LB RT

get any websites picture

and api change url
screenshot a map & crop it nicely
API to get GPS and then get map
upload map and url is sent to your phone via sms :)

If you have no sms then just upload & use this url

add your image name to the url end like blahdocs/Screenshot_2019-01-30-06-48-50.png then use in img1 input box

download final image

use text arrow

use small arrow

use map L.A.

use protractor

use compass

use black screen

use blue screen

use white screen

use transparent screen

each section of 9 sections is 266 x 195

upload your finished work to show off :)